Friday Street (South West of Rendlesham) is a short single track section of public highway that stops at the entrance to a public bridleway. Along Friday Street are residencies. The public bridleway runs through the northern part of Rendlesham Forest which is owned, managed and maintained by the Forestry Commission (FC).

The bridleway is a route designated for people on foot, horseback, and bicycle. However, the number of unauthorised vehicles driving down and parking alongside the bridleway has increased significantly to levels that now present several issues.

The FC plan to put in place modifications to restrict undesignated and unauthorised access.  The modifications will improve safety for designated bridleway users accessing the forest and allow informal parking for a limited number of cars before the start of the bridleway.


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We would like to take on board people’s feedback, regarding the FC’s plans for Friday Street, through this online discussion.  Before contributing to the discussion please read through the information provided below.  It highlights why the FC feel it is necessary to make the modifications and aims to help participants in the discussion consider the issues. 


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The modifications the Forestry Commission intends to take.


  • The FC will create a forest entrance threshold at the start of the Friday Street bridleway, beyond which it will be made clear that no unauthorised vehicles are permitted and no parking is permitted. The designated width of the bridleway will be kept open for the use of people on foot, horseback and bicycle.
  • The FC will leave space for 4-5 vehicles to park in front of the threshold (at the end of the Friday Street public road). These will be informal parking spaces similar to those used at other FC entrance ways.
  • The Police will then be able to take appropriate enforcement action against those who take vehicles onto the bridleway without authorisation.
  • The lay-by on the bridleway currently used as a parking area for 4-5 vehicles will be banked off as its original use as a loading area for timber is no longer required.
  • Official car parking facilities are already provided at Butley Corner and Rendlesham and signage will be used to encourage the use of these locations. Informal parking for a limited number of vehicles will continue to be accepted alongside other FC entrances.


A map showing the planned modifications can be downloaded here


Why does the FC intend to put these controls in place?


  • Whilst the FC have tolerated unofficial parking at Friday Street in the past it is evident that use has grown to levels which are now negatively impacting on the Bridleway designation, the forest and the Friday Street public highway.
  • Friday Street is very narrow with a number of blind bends and no official passing places.  The FC believes that an application for Planning Permission for a car park at this location would be refused by the Planning Authorities on the grounds of unsuitable access.
  • The Forest is very important to wildlife and is designated a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and SPA (Special Protection Area).  The site requires a level of protection and management and any new facility would require an appropriate assessment to ensure the special interest is not affected.
  • Attempts to encourage parking elsewhere without enforcement have not proved successful.
  • The FC’s position over access and parking on the bridleway needs to be made clear to allow the authorities to uphold the Bridleway designation and encourage people on foot, bicycle and horseback to use the forest free from unauthorised vehicular traffic.


What Happens Next?

The discussion will continue until the 31st of August 2014 and the feedback will be used to inform or improve the proposed modifications where possible.   An overview of the feedback received and the final proposed modifications will be published online on the 19th of September 2014.


Additional Information

Friday Street can be found along Hollesley Road off the A1152 South West of Rendlesham.

It is expected works will commence from October 2014