Help us decide how to make Haughmond Hill a pleasant place for everyone to visit.

The Forestry Commission manages Haughmond Hill, near Shrewsbury, for people, wildlife and timber.  It is a popular place to visit with approximately 250,000 visits a year.  The Hill is particularly popular with dog walkers and we welcome responsible dog owners to enjoy the trails with their pets.


However we regularly receive complaints from visitors, with and without dogs, regarding dog fouling and behaviour around the site and specifically in the busy area around the car park and café.


It has reached such a level that we feel we need to make a bold move to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit to these woods.


We are proposing a dog on lead zone around the car park, café, play features and the first 400m of each of the trails. 


We feel this will help resolve the following issues;


  • Safety for dogs in the car park.
  • Conflict between motorists and dog owners.
  • Hygiene and disturbance issues around the picnic tables.
  • Dogs running in and out of the café.
  • Conflict between dogs.
  • Children and vulnerable people being frightened.
  • Fouling going unnoticed.


We would like your opinion on this proposal whether you visit with or without a dog.


Have your say

This discussion will run up until 16th January 2015 to give as many people as possible the opportunity to contribute their views. 


To take part in this online discussion, you will need to complete a simple registration by going to the register link at the top of the page. You can then contribute new feedback by selecting the "Submit an idea" button in the right hand column or comment on feedback already submitted by scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

All participants will be able to see the feedback you have submitted and the forum enables everyone to rate others feedback as well as comment, which helps us to understand the consensus.


Please note that inappropriate or irrelevant comments and ideas will be removed - we ask that you are courteous to other users.


Comments can also be made by filling in comments forms in the Café on site, but please be aware that these submissions will not be added to the online discussion and will therefore not be able to receive support from other forest users.


The local management team will be following the discussion but we will not be replying to individual comments in order to allow the discussion to flow and help shape our decision making.


What happens next?
This discussion will close on 16th January 2015.  Once we have had an opportunity to consider all the comments, we will aim to publish our findings and proposals by mid Feb 2015 both on site and online.

Thank you for taking part.

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