East England Forest District are running a pilot project to trial ways of improving engagement with stakeholders on strategic district issues.  One of the methods being tested is a web page called "Have Your Say" which promotes district initiatives that need stakeholder input and consultation. 


Have Your Say would also like to invite suggestions for ideas, activities and issues that would benefit from wider engagement and discussion across the district.  This aims to help explore how a two way dialogue might work between the Forestry Commission and stakeholders in prioritising strategic district issues.


What we'd like you to do

Please put forward an idea, topic or issue that you feel is relevant to the management of the Public Forest Estate in East District and say why you think what you have put forward is important. You can do this by clicking on "Submit an Idea"

If your suggestion develops support and consensus with other stakeholders via this online discussion then it may be considered for further consultation to see how we can address it.

Support other people's ideas by clicking on "Browse Ideas" and rating them.

Please note discussion comments are moderated to ensure appropriateness


What happens next?

This discussion will be monitored and all ideas will be responded to.  At the end of each month the most highly rated idea will be considered for further consultation and next steps published on the "East District Have Your Say" web page.

This is part of a pilot project which will be evaluated in September 2015.  If you would like to contribute feedback to the evaluation you can take part in the online questionnaire "Feedback on Have Your Say".  The questionnaire and this discussion will end on the 10th of October 2015.

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