Jeskyns Community Woodland is a site much loved by the local community, welcoming more than 240,000 visitors each year. As the popularity of the woodland has grown in recent years however, increasing numbers of dog related incidents, accidents and complaints have been reported.
This problem has now reached the extent where we are aware that many visitors are put off coming to the woodland altogether because of what they see as out-of-control dogs.  So that Jeskyns can continue to provide for everyone in the community we are asking all users of the woodland to come together in this online dialogue to discuss possible solutions.
On the recommendation of Kent Police, a ‘Dogs on Leads Zone’ was proposed for the busiest part of Jeskyns. Click here to see details of the proposal and a map showing the "On Leads Zone"
However, feedback from visitors on the ‘Dogs on Leads Zone’ proposals was significantly contrasted making it difficult to reach a consensus that accurately reflected the view of the whole community.  In light of this we felt the best approach would be to invite you, the local community, to discuss and comment upon the Dog Zoning Proposal collectively but also to encourage you to put forward alternative possible solutions you feel would ensure Jeskyns can remain a popular and safe place to visit for everyone.
Have your say
We want to hear your ideas on how dogs can be better managed in Jeskyns to ensure everyone can continue to enjoy the woodland.  We have added the Dogs on Leads Zone idea below for your comments but also welcome new and alternative ideas. To do so, simply click Submit an idea in the top right-hand corner of the page.

This discussion will run for five weeks up until 21 February to give as many people as possible the opportunity to contribute their views.  To take part in this online discussion, you will just need to complete a simple registration by going to the register link at the top of the page.
As well as contributing your own ideas, the forum will enable you to rate and comment on ideas suggested by other users. This will all help us to understand consensus views.  All views are welcome and we ask that you are courteous to other users. 
Comments can also be made by post, but please be aware that postal submissions will not be added to the online discussion and will therefore not be able to receive support from other forest users. Comments by post should be sent to: Denise Bird, Jeskyns Community Woodland, C/O Shorne Woods Country Park, Brewers Road, Shorne, Kent. DA12 3HX
What happens next?
This discussion will close on 21 February 2014.  Once we have had an opportunity to consider all the comments, we will aim to publish our findings and proposals by mid March 2014.
If you wish to be contacted with updates about this project, please sign up to the mailing here